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Billiards 2

Author: Big Lou, FishyGame: TF2Add-On: TF2 Maps
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Exact dimensions are 747px x 475px.

Currently, there are a few gameplay elements missing. These include a live scoreboard and completed 3d skybox. There are a few other tweaks and adjustments that need to be made... but it's certainly fully playable!

Please try and test things like snipers being able to camp from spawn, graphical glitches, scoring errors, etc... hopefully nothing too major found its way into this alpha release.

Thank you for downloading! Enjoy!

01/19/2010 Version: 2 (beta) Size: 3.49MB File: Downloads: 800 Views: 4,970

The second installment of Billiards, a revolutionary game set a top a billiard table. The objective is to get the balls into the holes using weapons and explosives. There is also a "Black Ball" that kills using its physics properties.

Progress: 95% Complete
Tagged: Fun

Environments: Recreation / Indoor

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datamann10 datamann10 Posted 1 year ago

Seems fun, ill put it on my Mini Games Server

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Billiards 2
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