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MvM DegrootKeep

Author: Z00L (4)Game: TF2Add-On: TF2 Maps
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09/12/2012 Version: b1 (beta) Size: 6.19MB File: mvm_degrootkeep_b1.bsp Downloads: 1,056 Views: 8,356

Converted cp_degrootkeep to use for mvm mode
include :
5 Waves
Melee Only
More FirePlaces
More Meat / Ammo
More Than $1000 Per Waves
Medieval Bots
A Lot Of Fun !
Much More ...

Persian Demoknight
Pirate Demoknight
Cooking Pyro
Giant Samurai Soldier
Giant Spartan Soldier
Steel Gauntlet
Prince Demoknights (Giant)
Giant Heavyweight Champ
Ninja Spy

Tagged: Mann vs Machine

Environments: Caves / Dungeons, Forest / Woods

15 Comments and 0 Reviews
ThePeter104 ThePeter104 Posted 1 week ago

can somebody help me? everytime i try going solo it just says wave 0 everytime and nothing spawns at all help?

toebar toebar Posted 1 year ago

Lots of fun to be had. Nicely done!
I was able to beat it as a solo demo knight-- can it be made more difficult?
Are you planning on adding snipers, crossbow medics?

killingbotl4d2 killingbotl4d2 Posted 1 year ago

Z00L, the tank in round 3 spawns in the bomb site and ends the round. How do I fix this?

Dont use officials POP files, i've made one, and its integrated in the bsp ...

1 year ago
hun_mimimaxx hun_mimimaxx Posted 1 year ago


TheKillerMan TheKillerMan Posted 1 year ago

I'm a little saddened that servers don't support this map! This seems like a great idea that is very fresh and new.

actually, we have a custom maps mvm server running, included in the mapcycle. Ip is

1 year ago
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MvM DegrootKeep
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