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2Fort 3D

Author: |3rdOct.|FlamezGame: TF2Add-On: TF2 Maps
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Exact dimensions are 747px x 475px.

Changes from the original include:
1. Added small "sniper" room (w/window) for an added alternate sniper position.
2. Added sides to middle so players have an option other then bridge to pass. (but sacrifice cover from snipers)
3. Sewers include a third hallway which leads to main "ramp" room. (special laser system; read below)
4. Various barrels, boxes, tables, ect. to give unique feel.
5. Added laser systems which are activated via buttons nearby, also red/green light indicates when they are ready to be activated. Lasers will kill BOTH teams respectively. turned on for 7 seconds (60 second cooldown to avoid spamming) Locations of lasers include: Straight stairwell(entrance), Spiral staircase(entrance). And both intelligence hallways. Unique sewer hallway(stated above #3) has lasers always on and turned off for 10seconds (60 second cooldown) opposite of other lasers.

Thats all for now, ill keep everyone updated, here are a few screenshots to keep you waiting. Once again, I am open for suggestions. As any 2fort remake, I credit Valve for there great maps for me to work with. -Flamez

Created By: |3rdOct.|Flamez with help from |3rdOct.|Ghost (Optimizer)

NOTE: MAJOR BUG WITH THIS MAP: Purple Checker Boards (reflections) show up as the cubemaps are "broken" because the the skybox is HDR....this issue will hopefully be resolved in the next installment.

in order to fix this issue type mat_specular 0 in console, this SHOULD fix the problem...(also turns off reflections)

01/22/2010 Version: 0.1 (beta) Size: 7.32MB File: ctf_2fort_3rdoct_a4.... Downloads: 1,087 Views: 10,046

2Fort total Remake to night snow. Unlike most 2fort remakes...this map was not decompiled and then modified, instead was started from scratch. Setting is set in snow and at night(not too dark to effect gameplay).

Tagged: capture the flag, ctf

Environments: Arctic / Winter

6 Comments and 0 Reviews
dr.d dr.d Posted 1 year ago

its a good map for a 2fort remake

TZ TZ Posted 2 years ago

we use this map on a custom 2fort rotation on our server and everyone loves it... you can sometimes get caught against walls which can get annoying in the heat of battle, but you get used to it... And the lasers are a hit

I have this map on a normal tf2 server that you can create ingame, and my friends can't join it, im portfowarded and everything, but its coming up for them, "map missing", and I was wondering is there anyway you can use the map without everyone else having to install it? Thanks

1 year ago
Andrew Andrew Posted 3 years ago

Shortages in some textures, I downloaded the map, and then in the game window glasses are purple and open passage, which protect the Blaster shots?

stoned_hamster | M stoned_hamster | M Posted 4 years ago

look good, am downloading it right now, will post a review!

o ZTX o o ZTX o Posted 4 years ago

Well done, looks very nice

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2Fort 3D
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