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Gobi's Valley

Author: Alli + The FreemanGame: TF2Add-On: TF2 Maps
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kinda a pre alpha look still got lots more to do
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Map Status: 70% Complete

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Added Sniper Spot for Blue Team Near SNS zone
Added Sniper Spot for Blue Team near Sandy Butt's Hill
Added Props for Detail
Added 1 new overlay
Added Cubemaps
Added A Truck Near the blue spawn
Adjusted Terrain
Adjusted Nav

The Silly Update
Added 4 New Silly Sounds
Fixed Blue Spawn Sometimes causing players to get stuck under map
Added 2 New Textures
Added Blue Warp Pad to Blue Spawn
Added Red Warp Pad to Red Sniper Tower Pillar
Added Red Sniper Ledge ontop of spawn
Added New Triggers for Silly Sounds
Adjusted the Damage of burnt sand
Adjusted S'N'S For future update


Added More props around blue spawn area for cover purposes.
Added Bot Sniper, Sentry, and Teleporter exit Hints to help bots figure out what to do.
Added 3 New overlay textues.
Added 3 New Easter Eggs.
Changed Trigger_Hurt at the bottom of Koth_Gobis_Valley from Burn to Fall damage.
Removed Tablet.
Added a Nobuild zone to the Pyramid atop the hill closet to red spawn.
Updated Cubemaps.
Updated Nav_mesh.
Added Small health kits.
Added Small ammo kits.


Initial beta release

01/24/2012 Version: 1.3 (beta) Size: 31.7MB File: Downloads: 188 Views: 2,423

Return to the Land of Sand in this Team Fortress 2 remake of Gobi's Valley. Will support 2 game modes when completed.
King of The Hill and Capture the Flag. Might add Payload and Territorial Control down the line.

Progress: 70% Complete
Tagged: capture the flag, king of the hill, ctf, koth

Environments: Fantasy / Arcade, Desert / Sand

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1337gamer15 1337gamer15 Posted 2 years ago

nice job there! maybe if it's a payload, it also goes into king sandybutt's tomb. and maybe you get ubercharged or some bonus for the egg. like theres an areas with a bunch of letters and you shoot em to spell ADESERTDOOROPENSWIDEANCEINTSECRETSWAITINSIDE to open the door to the egg.

Robo Typhoon CriticRobo Typhoon Posted 2 years ago

Only one screen shot that shows almost nothing... the !@#$?

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Gobi's Valley
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