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This is a large 4-point Payload map set a long winding canyon. The payload makes its way from Blu base at the high end of the canyon down to the first point, through a mining tunnel to the second point, around into red base for the third and fourth point

 11/06/2010Version: 0.8 (beta) Views: 5497 By: DannBo

a map from the xbox 360s Shadowrun tweaked to work for a teamfortress 2 gametype
this has extra textures to allow users to use the textures from the Banjo project in their own maps
readme is included
currently not winable by red team.

 11/05/2010Version: 2.0 (beta) Views: 2753 By: Rez + Spirit of the wolf
Arena _iceworld_beta_1
Arena _iceworld_beta_1New

CSS Classic Map iceworld Transplantation tf2 Enjoy the of winter!!!!!!!!!

 10/20/2010Version: 0.1 (beta) Views: 2301 By: cookn

A grey and orange map. In cp_orange_x3_t style, a central tower, walls, etc. I've played it through with bots, its even fun then. :D
My first WORKING map.

 10/13/2010Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2655 By: FrozenNinja

The blue team has docked their aircraft carrier at the red co cannery, to investigate suspected cases of blue fin tuna poaching.

 10/10/2010Version: 1 (final) Views: 4705 By: Mark "vig" Dygert
Metal Gear Solid 1
Metal Gear Solid 1

This is my shot at rebuilding the start of MGS to a Arena map. I have added two new ways in and out of the docks and prison that is not in the original game.

-Underground docks (Blue Team start)

-Helipad Area

-Tank Hangar

-Prison Area (Red Team start)

 10/03/2010Version: 2.1 (final) Views: 7842 By: Boxie Brown
FW FortWars HB
FW FortWars HB

This map is made for the fun-mode fortwars. It is made for building bunkers or hotels.

Credits for the hotel idea: Dest[CL]
Map: ctrickers

 10/01/2010Version: 3.0 (final) Views: 10849 By: ctrickers

As secret information has revealed, the opposing team has a nuclear rocket stationed in a small base in the desert. Your mission is to take control over the base, and prevent them from launching.

 09/17/2010Version: beta 1 (beta) Views: 2068 By: Nutomic
Frostbite (kotf) v2
Frostbite (kotf) v2New

at long last. i finnaly finished Version 2. nothin mutch has changed, but detailwise i made it look a llot more profesional. heres the change list:
- Added 3D skybox
- Fixed Incorrect model skins
- Made it more TF2ish
- Made it less dark
- Fixed cubemaps

Good comments FTW!

 09/11/2010Version: 0.1 (beta) Views: 2333 By: Akacopman

Both teams start in separate bases on opposite sides of a small train bridge in the middle of the desert. The control point is located on the center of this bridge. Beta 3, which contains numerous changes and improvements, is being prepared for release.

 08/20/2010Version: 2 (beta) Views: 2308 By: user
CTF/KOTH Scorched B2
CTF/KOTH Scorched B2

Fight to gain control over the Volcanic Core! Welcome to Scorched, a volcano situated research facility that sits above a rather warm pile of lava! This map comes in 3 gamemodes, CTF KOTH and Arena. All versions besides CTF have dynamic lava based gameplay.

 08/09/2010Version: Beta2 (beta) Views: 5210 By: Yokai
The Lost City
The Lost CityNew

A mid/large sized CTF map taking place in an underground city (under a desert/Egypt like region). Texture theme is stonework and rock; this map is a fair bit darker than most TF2 maps.

 07/20/2010Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 2866 By: Drakon

basic payload map. There is no "Forward Spawn" for either team. The spawn control is done through the big building in the center of the map. Its located directly across from both spawns and the doors are controlled based on what points each team controls.

 07/15/2010Version: 1 (beta) Views: 2903 By: MordEnd

A close quarters koth map. This was a map I made on my laptop while my computer is undergoing repairs. A more descriptive description is on the demo video on youtube. The map is fully operational with bots. I had to use a file converter for the pictures.

 07/13/2010Version: 1 (complete) Views: 2137 By: Sum Ded Guy
Frostbite (kotf)
Frostbite (kotf)New

My first ever complete map. Im COMPLETLY new to the whole hammer thing. but this is Frostbite useing a custom gamemode named Kotf (king of the flag)

How to play: simple. when the ice melts you grab the flag (intellegence) and keep holding it until youve captured it. But you are mortal.

 07/04/2010Version: 1.0 (beta) Views: 1562 By: Akacopman
Takeback Mountain
Takeback MountainNew

RED have captured and overtaken BLU's secret mountain base.. and now they want it back!

Takeback Mountain is a 3 point CP map in the gameplay style of cp_gravelpit.

 07/03/2010Version: Final (final) Views: 3451 By: Khuntza

A simple CTF map meant to tackle the flaws of traditional CTF in TF2. Includes new innovations like the "Mercy rule" and security gates. The map is slightly larger than ctf_mach4 overall, but the flags are closer to the base entrances.
Mercy has been or is currently being played in TWL and UGC.

 07/03/2010Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 2646 By: Vilepickle

Indulge is an original Sawmill themed 5CP map that uses height as a primary element around each control point. I used my experience building Follower to mold this map into something superior, and playtests have shown that my goal was accomplished.


 07/03/2010Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 2414 By: Vilepickle

An original alpine themed 5-CP map that does not stray far from tried and true gameplay.
Follower has been or is currently being played in XPL, Bigfoot Killer Edge Challenge, Wireplay 6v6, CEVO, ESEA Seasons 4 and 5, TGL, TWL, STA, UGC, FakkelBrigade, and OZFL.

Current version released 4/24/2009.

 07/03/2010Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 3018 By: Vilepickle
Mach Arena
Mach ArenaNew

A modification of the Mach TF2 map to fit the Arena game mode. Set in an alpine environment.

The current version of this map was released 9/5/2008.

 07/03/2010Version: 2.0 (final) Views: 3908 By: Vilepickle